Why Now is the Perfect Time to Become a Freelance Tech Writer

There is no better time to switch niche and become a freelance tech writer.

If you’re struggling, you’re not alone. With COVID-19 bringing a lot of freelance contracts screeching to a halt and leaving millions of businesses wondering what lies ahead, the future has never been more uncertain.

I’ve seen successful freelancers go from a packed out schedule to bone dry in a matter of days with no end in sight.

The sheer number of freelancers furloughing themselves and taking the government up on their offer of 80% salary shows just how many people are struggling.

It’s a scary time.

But this uncertainty has also presented a ton of opportunity for freelancers. Sometimes we need a little shake up to reassess where we’re at and decide what the next best steps are.

Maybe, like me, you were cruising along, comfortable, but not really thinking ahead. But now you’ve been forced to come face to face with reality and make some difficult decisions.

I’m here to tell you that, while things might be scary (the unknown is one of the most terrifying things for us mere human beings), there is still hope.

There are plenty of avenues that have opened up that will continue to present opportunities far into the future. And future-proofing our businesses should be at the top of our to-do lists.

You see, it’s not just COVID-19 that has made it a critical time for freelancers. The constantly changing digital and business landscape is an incredibly important factor to.

Things have changed so much in the last ten years alone.

Aside from international pandemics, us freelancers are constantly having to pivot and evolve our businesses to align with emerging needs and trends.

It’s nothing new for us.

The only difference with this is that it’s affecting everyone.

Everyone is suffering in one way or another. But there has been a saviour that has swooped in and saved the day over and over again: technology.

Technology means we can stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues; it lets us support local brands; it’s allowing businesses to run their services from home; it means we can stream our favourite shows whenever we want.

Without it, the pandemic might look a lot different.

Seeing the ways that technology has shaped everything from the way we communicate to the way we consume media and entertain ourselves has been fascinating.

And almost every single business is turning to tech in one way or another to get through the pandemic a little less bruised and battered.

What Is a Freelance Tech Writer?

First things first, let’s dig into the term freelance tech writer.

Most people automatically jump to “technical writer” when they hear this term — and rightly so. For a long time, “tech” has been synonymous with “technical” in the writing world. It referred to writing long technical documents full of industry terms and a boatload of wordy jargon.

But the term tech writer doesn’t mean this anymore — not in today’s new technology landscape.

A freelance tech writer can create anything from white papers, blog posts, and email newsletters to website copy, brochures, and social media content. The key is that they do it for technology companies.

If you’ve just rolled your eyes, bear with me.

For a lot of people, technology is boring, dull, and complicated. It goes straight over their head. But that’s because they’re thinking of technology in the old-fashioned sense — coding, motherboards, and robots that will someday take over the world.

Technology today can be applied to any business, any industry, and in many different capacities.

TV streaming platforms are technology. The gaming app you’re addicted to on your phone? That’s technology. Tools like Buffer, CoSchedule, and HubSpot are all technologies. Apps that consumers use every day, like Deliveroo, Uber, Amazon, and Tinder all fall under the technology umbrella.

Video calling platform Zoom has seen a huge surge in use since the COVID-19 outbreak.

I’m going to say it: technology can be fun.

But most importantly, it’s all around us. Pretty much everything we do on a daily basis is driven by technology.

If you haven’t considered it already, here’s why now is absolutely, 100% the right time to become a freelance tech writer.

Every Industry Uses Technology

From healthcare, fitness, and dating to marketing, finance, and construction — every single industry uses technology in some way, whether it’s a logistics software that helps distribute materials, a tool to schedule social media posts, or an app that lets you build a personal fitness regime.

Name an industry that doesn’t use technology in some capacity. I’ll wait.

I think you’ll struggle though.

The great thing about pivoting to become a freelance tech writer is you can still work with your favourite kinds of brands.

If you’ve been writing for fashion brands, you still can.

There are plenty of fashion-focused apps and tools, such as user generated content platforms that let shoppers upload pictures of their outfits for prospective customers to check out.

If you want to see the potential in every industry, make sure you download this list of 50+ profitable tech niches.

There Are More Tech Companies Emerging Than Ever Before

It’s safe to say that technology isn’t going to die out or even die down any time soon. It’s here to stay, and it’s changing the way we do a lot of things.


Every single day, new platforms, software, apps, and tools emerge, capturing the attention of businesses in the majority of sectors. This influx of technology companies means that there are plenty of clients to go around.

I’ve had a lot of freelancers ask me whether the niche they’ve chosen has enough clients in it. My answer is always that every niche likely has a ton of clients (just run a Google search for “X brands in X niche” or “[niche] brands” and see how many results come back), but with technology the number is always so much higher.

The Need for Freelance Tech Writers is High

And, because there are so many new tech companies popping up each day, the need for freelancers is high. All of these businesses need freelancers to help out.

They need your expertise.

While other types of business are slashing their expenses and cutting off freelance contracts, the tech world has never been hungrier for talented writers.

They need people to explain what can be complex solutions in a simple way. They need people to craft copy that attracts users and positions them in their industries — which are often oversaturated.

Tech Companies Pay Well

Last, but by no means least (particularly when it comes to your bank account) tech companies tend to pay a lot better than other types of businesses.

There are three reasons for this:

  1. They often serve other businesses in a B2B landscape, which means they can afford to have higher prices — therefore, they can afford to pay their freelancers more
  2. They face a ton of competition, so they are willing to pay handsomely for talented writers to help them stand out
  3. They require a special kind of writing skill — making complicated concepts easy to understand and explaining what might be a completely new concept to an oblivious audience

DropBox is one of my favourite examples here. When they first burst onto the scene, the average consumer had no idea that they had a DropBox shaped hole in their life.

Up until then, they were convinced that all they need was the storage space on their computer. Cloud storage was an alien concept.

But through the power of words (and video), DropBox managed to persuade millions of people that they couldn’t live without the tool.

Pivot Your Freelance Business and Prosper — There’s No Time Like the Present

You don’t have to change your business completely to become a freelance tech writer. Chances are you can still work with similar brands to the ones you’re working with, but positioning yourself as a tech writer will put you in good stead for the next couple of months and, more importantly, for the future.

If you feel like your freelance business is a sinking ship right now, try pivoting. And then, when you have, let me know how you get on.

But also, don’t forget to grab your free list of 50+ profitable tech niches in pretty much every industry here.

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